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May 2018

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 Long Sittings or Short Sittings?

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PostSubject: Long Sittings or Short Sittings?   Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:05 am

I don't know why but I have started to think about playing a new game how is it better to do a long sitting, you know, play for 5 hours or so and try to beat it ASAP, or is it better to do short sittings, about 1-4 hours?

I am unsure about many things about myself and this is one of them. I feel short sittings are better for me with a new game. I feel it stretches the game out and makes me reflect on what I just played. It makes things more memorable. Even though you stop playing, you are still thinking about it, what went on and what might be ahead and it is still like you are playing it in your head.

Before I even was thinking about any of this, I just played about 3-4 hours because I wanted to treat my new consoles with care... but now I don't mind going up to 6 hours. So I just wasn't thinking about how long I should play a game. But I figure it is maybe better to play for as long as I feel until I start to lose focus because then I won't remember things as much.

I wonder what any of you think. Does a game touch you regardless if you rushed through it or not? Or is it not as memorable because you didn't take your time with it? Sure even if you rushed through a game and enjoyed it, do you think you would've enjoyed it more if you stretched it out more? Maybe this creates nostalgia.... those memories you get with a game that weren't there before but in thought give you this good yet somehow sad feeling, hard to explain.

But this is only with my first time playing a game. I think when I play it a second or third time then it doesn't matter as much how long or short I play it each sitting.
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PostSubject: Re: Long Sittings or Short Sittings?   Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:06 am

Well, I remember, On Suikoden on my PS3, Yes Suikoden I for the psOne, I played it up untill the.. 3rd boss? And then took about a week break, then got back to it and beat it in under 3 days, I rushed through it basically and still loved the story. Antoher game I remember but I never beat was Star Ocean The First Departure, I also rushed through it, and lost my save data from me trying to Hack my Psp, but I still enjoyed the story up untill then.

It really just depends on the game, your boredness, place, and how much time you have. For example, In my opinion,

RPGS- Stick around for a bit, dont try to complete it in JUST a day. Sleep on the story

FPS with Campaign- Beat it as SOON as possible, because you will be wanting some of that sweet sweet mutliplayer.

Sandbox games- (GTA, RDR, and the such and many others aswell) It depends if your going for story, or just having fun, These games allow you to have fun and destroy shit while you don't have to play the story. (Mostly GTA, Not RDR) Now if your going for the story, I would say take some time to space it out due to some of these missions may get frustrating or confusing.

And I may not have many posts but when I do post, its long and rambley jeez o.0

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PostSubject: Re: Long Sittings or Short Sittings?   Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:57 pm

Suikoden was my first PS1 game back when there was only PS1. Good game, though it took me a long while to beat. I think I started over several times and all. When I was younger I sure spent alot of time on a game. Either start over a few times or I dunno, somehow made the game feel longer by doing things I forget...

Just I dunno, maybe it doesn't matter if long or short, just I think if one rushes through, I mean unless they plan to replay it again, you kind of miss it since you beaten it and know you won't go back to it for awhile.

Dead Rising 1, I had first got 2 other endings before getting the true ending and I think that had more of an impact on me than if I just went for the true ending my first time. I had gotten more time with the characters and all the events going on that it felt more powerful to me.

Thing is when I play a new game, I feel lost at first. It is new to me, I am unfamiliar with the controls and my surroundings. So with every new game, even ones I look forward to, I am unsure if I like it or not and fear what if I don't. But, after playing it that short while at first, and getting back to it, I am more use to the controls and what is around me and going on and only then is when I feel if I really like a game or not. When I did replay the game again after, or if I started over, then the events that happen at the start of the game make sense to me now and I have more attention to it. Just with my first time I seem to easily forget what was said or what went on because I feel lost and I dunno... dunno why I get that way. But once I know the game then it is easier to understand.
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PostSubject: Re: Long Sittings or Short Sittings?   

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Long Sittings or Short Sittings?
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