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    April 2019


     Sequel Matchoff : Marvel VS Capcom 2 VS Marvel VS Capcom 3

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    Sequel Matchoff : Marvel VS Capcom 2 VS Marvel VS Capcom 3 Empty
    PostSequel Matchoff : Marvel VS Capcom 2 VS Marvel VS Capcom 3

    Ok. SO. Both MVC 2 and MVC 3 are phenominal games, But which one is ultimately better? Lets find out!


    MVC 3

    Yeah this one goes to MVC 3 by a landslide. MVC2 Has your basic fighting controls. Light Punch, Heavy punch, Light Kick, Heavy kick. It also has the assist buttons (The bumpers on the Xbox and L1 and R1 on the PS3). To switch your characters you have to hit both light punch and light kick or heavy punch and heavy kick at the exact same time.

    Teching Chun Li's super, Is fucking easier than do such on a controller. To add to this, almost all the specials require you to hit either both kicks or punches at the same time. This would be good IF it wasn't so god damn sensitive on it. They need to both be hit at the exact same time, The game literally will not give you any break.

    MVC 3 controls have been simplified for those new to fighters. And all around improved, Instead of two kicks and punches, you now have Light, Medium,heavy and special/air lift attack, The assist buttons are back and in the exact same place, On top of this you have two new buttons. The bottom trigger buttons on both controllers. The left trigger button allows you to use your team special depending on how many bars of super you have. The right one is light,medium and heavy attack buttons, pressing it will result in a dash for your character. This allows the game to be more fast paced. To switch between your characters, you simply hold down one of the assist buttons. This is much better than fucking pressing both light attacks or heavy attacks and allows a simpler character change.


    MVC 3

    Mvc 2 had jazz in an fast action fighter. DID. NOT. WORK. MVC 3 had a theme for every character. EVERY, SINGLE, ONE. Whoever you fought first against (The starting character on 2nd players team) is the theme that would start off. Now. If any character dies on any team, the next character that comes on screen after that player dies theme would start (Example, If I had a team of Wesker, Chris, and Jill and Jill died and wesker came on, Wesker's theme would start) This lead to a crazy variety of music while playing the game. Through heavy metal, to techno. You never felt bored with it.


    MVC 2

    MVC 3 had ten stages. TEN. Yeah. MVC 2 wins this one without question. NEXT

    Last Boss

    MVC 3

    In MVC 2 you fought an ancient armour called abyss that had 3 forms. All of them being pretty basic to fight and avoid attacks from. For they were so little in variety in attacks.

    MVC 3, You fought Galactus. Lets just do some basic math here

    Abyss - Evil armour that generated evil
    Galactus, Destroyer of worlds.

    Guess who wins? GALACTUS. Galactus had 2 forms. The first form caused him to summon 2 silver surfer type enemies that were either wesker, doctor doom, super skrull, akuma or dormammu. Half way through killing off one, The other one would jump in and fight until you killed off their combined health bar. At this point galactus warped from the background and starting to fight you. This, was a challenge. For most of his moves either destroyed a good chunk of your health bar, or all of it. A damn good challenge and a badass fight overall.


    MVC 2

    Mvc 3 had around 36 characters. MVC 2 Had 58. This really had more of a variety to create teams with and added ten fold to the replayability. Not to mention that it included a lot more characters from capcom's street fighter. Zangief squaring off against Colossus was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

    VERDICT. Marvel VS Capcom 3

    In all, Marvel VS Capcom 2 is a good game, But Marvel VS Capcom 3 improved everything that sucked about MVC 2.
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    Sequel Matchoff : Marvel VS Capcom 2 VS Marvel VS Capcom 3 :: Comments

    at first i thought that that lower roster meant no more OP chars....but i was wrong you are right tho mvc3 did improve in everything that was wrong in mvc2 but it didnt bring the fun that mvc2 still has
    Im hoping that Ultimate will do that, SHITLOADS of re-balancing and new moves for characters spell fun all around

    Sequel Matchoff : Marvel VS Capcom 2 VS Marvel VS Capcom 3

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