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June 2018

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 Stupid Gamers. Corrupt Reviews. Greedy Companies. Fanboys.

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PostSubject: Stupid Gamers. Corrupt Reviews. Greedy Companies. Fanboys.   Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:16 am

Eh I just have a lot of pent up rage about how people are about all this. I usually keep shut about it but lately I have been wanting to just get it out. The whole blind fanboyism and stupid reviewers and greedy game companies... ugh this is MADNESS! Really... what a mess this all is. Fanboys can be like those who are strongly religious and disregard any sense, logic or truth that is right in front of us and just believe what they want.

Thing is, am only stating what is in front of all of us and well it still gets people upset, that is the thing when someone just sides strongly with their console of choice. For example, on GameFAQs, I look at the top 10 under PS3 and I see 3 exclusives and I see 5 games that came from Japan. I look at the top 10 of 360 and all I see is western made games and no exclusives. Not meaning the message boards. I didn't make any of that up but you know, it will still upset some people... because of fanboyism? Also for those not to admit or even see that PS3 is leading on exclusives by far now so more than ever... those who are pro 360 only that is... again it is that whole religious thing, show proof and sense and truth and they put it down.

Though it is not only about that but with how gaming companies are these days and all that other such but eh... I know nothing can be done to change how things are, or put sense and logic into those who refuse to see it, but you know, it is nice to vent out now and then.

I guess I admit myself though, with my favorite game, I love it but I admit it is not the best. And well I admit that I too get a bit upset inside when I see someone bash on my game and I feel I need to get defensive, which I guess that is how most near everyone is and why fanboys just say stupid things, all in defending what they prefer, to say things that don't make sense and are not true just to justify what they like more. But, when I see reason to why they say they don't like it, then it is ok if it makes sense. But if it is stupid or no reason to why they hate it and just say it sucks... yeah that is not a reason and is upsetting. People have to be able to give reason to why they didn't like it.

People don't seem to know the difference between a game being good and a game being your favorite. Just because someone prefers this game or console, they feel it is the best. Same goes with movies and anything else. People have to be able to admit "It is my favorite game, I love it, but I admit it is not the best game out there, but I still love it and enjoy other games as well." But no it is a "I love this game so it is the best game ever and everyone has to admit that!" Rather than "It is the best game to me and no one else."

That is just what is wrong with so many people out that and reviewers and all that sort... leads to corrupt scores on reviews and all that sort because they can't tell the difference. Just because someone plays a game that is not their type of game does not mean it is a bad game, just not their type of game. I'd never review a game that was just not my type... yet when LA Noire first came out I saw people giving it 1's just because they thought it was gonna be like GTA and find it is not their type of game after all... and just because it is not their type of game is no reason to give it a low score.

But yeah those are just things that I have a beef with and don't know if it will ever change... if we will be around long enough to see if gamers can get along and admit to sense, truth and logic rather than blindly say things like "It has no games, it doesn't even use a controller or disc's nor does the console even exist!" and things that just don't make sense and are just said out of being a fanboy of the other. Just saying that as a bit of a extreme example to get the point across.

Then you have those who charge WAY too much for DLC... $5 for just a single character or costume... what? What happened to owning the entire game right when you buy it? I feel costumes or characters should cost 50 cents or less at the most. Map packs should cost $1 or less, depending on how many maps and so on... but nope... greed. This whole generation of having DLC has just made some companies too dam greedy... Activision, Capcom and others I can't think of right now.

Another thing is when you can tell a game is a strong cash cow. Call of Duty being one of those. You would think after all of the ones that been out that the PS3 or even PC would get a better port of the game. Keep in mind I haven't played CoD.

From what I read about CoD is that 360 version is the best one and the PS3 and I think PC gets a lazy port with issues left and right. I wonder if Microsoft pays them to make the PS3 and PC version to not be as good as the 360 version. You see other games getting their act together and try to make their games good on both and come close but you still have CoD not doing that.

Thing is, when PS3 is the lead for a game, it comes out good on both PS3 and 360... OR just a little bit better on PS3. If 360 is the lead, the PS3 gets a crud port and why? Because the PS3 is a harder system to work with. Those who work with PS3 first, it is easy to port to 360 because it is easier for developers to understand... but those with 360 first, working on the easy one, when having to move over to the harder one, it doesn't go well. Think it is because most developers know how to work with Direct X or whatever the 360 uses... over OpenGL or whatever the PS3 uses.

Anyway yeah... Battlefield, which I haven't played either, but again from what I read and seen... PS3 is the lead for it and it is rather equal on performance and graphics on both PS3 and 360 and probably being best on PC. It goes to show they take care of their game, they show it by being sure it works and looks the same on all platforms... unlike CoD or other games where 360 is the focus and they could care less about performance issues or other bugs on PS3 or PC.

As much as I see that Battlefield 3 is quality and probably the better game overall... even I know that CoD MW3 will do better in sales. CoD has become too big for it not to do better. So yeah... MW3 will do better in sales but BF3 is probably better in quality and care.

Ugh... you think any of us will live long enough to see if gamers and gaming companies get better? Stop being greedy, stop being stupid and uncaring? I think it is these old guys who know nothing about games and don't even care for games that are running these companies and just working things as a business and think they know what gamers what and get themselves money.

I could go on and on about this but I can't think of everything right now and I think I said enough for now. Man... this has given me a headache.
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PostSubject: Re: Stupid Gamers. Corrupt Reviews. Greedy Companies. Fanboys.   Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:46 pm

Very good & true points, thinking about it I can't remember the last time I have read/watched a review I agree with.

The only thing I'm upset about from the game company's, coming from the view of someone who's spent the better part of seven years in competitive gaming, remember when the simpler the game the better? Back in the original CoD, Wolfenstein or even Quake you had four to six guns, including pistols, to choose from?

Now with game company's spitting out trash & the "fanboys" eating it up, spending millions and millions of dollars on crap games or crap ports.. it breaks my heart to say that it IS killing the competitive scene in games. I get sad when I think about how unevolved the west is in competitive gaming, have you seen how large games are in east like Starcraft, Crossfire & hell even Counter-Strike, the game I think has made its stamp in history, is still huge over there. While here in the west you can find maybe two to four LANs a year that are worth going to.

Umm.. back on topic, I 100% agree with you. Personally I own a PC and a 360 & that makes me upset seeing as there are games I want to play that are on the PS3 only or I get a crap port of. I can't remember the last time I have played a game (outside of Counter Strike) on the PC that was deigned for the PC.

I do have A LOT more to add to this discussion but don't have time right now, I am interested however to see other peoples opinions.
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PostSubject: Re: Stupid Gamers. Corrupt Reviews. Greedy Companies. Fanboys.   Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:22 am

Heh well on that part about you saying that are PS3 only... what do you mean by that? I mean I am fine with that, because I have a PS3 of course, and really that is what keeps the consoles apart. Without exclusives, there is no point in keeping them apart. Nintendo has the most exclusives so it stands on its own really. But between PS3 and 360, exclusives are not as much, though PS3 has plenty more than 360, this year alone out does 360 as a whole with exclusives.

But yeah... PC gamers get screwed by all this. I guess part of it is because more people will have a gaming console than top notch PC. That is the whole point of gaming consoles, cheaper cost for people to play high end games rather than having to pay as much as a console just for a graphics card PLUS the PC itself. Then of course other specs to consider.

So yeah basically... PC gets screwed and PS3 gets screwed with crap ports... but I think they are starting to learn and understand how to fully utilize the PS3. I feel the PS3 still has many more years to go. I REALLY hope that the next generation of consoles is not coming for another 4-5 years. PS3 is still showing it has much to offer while 360 well... I mean I feel 360 is losing much of it's steam with only Gears and Halo. But I guess with the obviously superior version of CoD, that will keep it going for awhile as well.

Just most games on consoles have not yet had all it's potential put out. If you look at early PS2 games and later PS2 games... the difference in graphics and performance really increases. Just the longer a console is around, the more developers learn and the better the games that come out. It feels like most games of a new gen console feel a bit awkward and just learning, if you play some of those early PS2 or early 360/PS3 games and compare to recent, you see and feel that. But yeah, compare say... GTA Vice City to Resident Evil 4 for PS2... big difference in graphics, eh?

You hear gamers out there, well from some of the blogs and video things like ScrewAttack that I read and look at... you hear "People buy consoles for the games" or something like that... I forget exactly. I really hope that is true because if we see a new Xbox but there is still PS3... will people start to feel "PS3 is behind, old news, gotta move onto next generation already" then that saying is not true about gamers caring about the games over what kind of console. That will just be so upsetting... then Sony will feel pressured to bring out a premature PS4. I already feel that Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called, is going to be a premature release all because of the Wii U. I am fearing Microsoft and Sony feel pressured to hurry up a new console as well.

There needs to be more focus on making great games here, not new hardware anytime soon. Sure they can research and experiment but please... wait on bringing out new consoles, just too soon. Games are starting to make such a powerful stride, that shouldn't be broken by a new console and having to re-learn everything.

Anyway yeah... just upsets me at the greed and lazy ports and stupid reviews. I mean to see a review to say this or that is a con, is a bit flawed... depending on what it is well it should or should not affect the final score. For example, Gamespot said with inFamous 2 that it had a laughable karma system, which I admit it wasn't too great... BUT if that affected the final score that is just BULL! I mean it is fine to mention silly or things that are just off but I mean if it is so minor it really doesn't make a difference in gameplay then why let it affect your score?

To let such a minor thing that doesn't make the game worse and then maybe give it 1 point less just because of that... UGH! Talk about stuck up and forgetting what games are about. Now if the flaw is that the controls and performance is bad and things are unbalanced and it gets too repetitive then sure, I can see that affecting a final score. But just a small thing like saying "It was silly to see him slap himself and I feel that hurt the story" or something and let that lower a review score... c'mon. Mention it, fine, but that is not call for lower score.

Man I really don't know how to explain or say things sometimes in which I just keep repeating the same thing trying to say it in a better way... bleh. I hope it makes sense, what I said there and all.
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PostSubject: Re: Stupid Gamers. Corrupt Reviews. Greedy Companies. Fanboys.   Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:15 am

Mega Man Legends 3 officially cancelled.


I feel this is just another example of they just have no idea anymore. I wonder if it was yet another greedy move from Capcom. Wonder if they felt they were putting too much work and quality into a good game and thought "No no, we want money, not spend so much time on a game, just look at Marvel vs. Capcom 3. We put just bare bones in that game and it sold like hot cakes, let's do more of that!"

I could be wrong and I was never interested in the game but even so, for the many fans who wanted it. But you know this brings up another subject... the Japanese have just lost touch in knowing how to make good games now. Sure there are still some good Japanese games but they are few in number compared to back in SNES days and all that. The west has just taken over making good games, even Square Enix has admitted to this.

Japan... where have you gone? What has happened to you? No longer knowing what makes a good game or what gamers want?

Edit: Thought I'd add this in as well, kind of related.


Just yeah it seems like some long time gaming companies have become old and senile and are dying out. Square Enix being one of those. Square and Enix use to be the boss back in SNES days and I think even PS1 but now... ugh. Then look at RARE, again use to be boss back in SNES and N64 days with Donkey Kong Country, Banjo and Conker and now... they have just withered out of the gaming race and now making casual games or something like that.

Man... what a world...
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PostSubject: Re: Stupid Gamers. Corrupt Reviews. Greedy Companies. Fanboys.   

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Stupid Gamers. Corrupt Reviews. Greedy Companies. Fanboys.
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