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July 2018

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 A dump of Half Life 2 mods

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PostSubject: A dump of Half Life 2 mods   Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:12 am

hey guiseses. On behalf of Tom broadcasting Nightmare House 2, I proclaim my personal list of Half Life 2 mods to be....I'll type first, calm down!
Now let's input a shameless plug. All video clips in this first post were recorded by me. Yep! MW

A message I sent to a person on Youtube, who wanted a list of Half Life 2 mods

"First, I recommend UnderHell prologue, which is a mod I recorded recently. Its mysterious starting hub, awesome SMOD effects, and really well coded A.I. makes this a beast mod. Definitely try this one first. Be warned though, don't spend too much time 'solving' the house, or else some weird things might happen.
[isolation is a big theme in the mod. so that means tom I dare you to stay in the closet at night]

*shows example of scary scene*

*shows some action*

Then, there's Dissolution, a retro style mod with a really interesting story. If you're one of those people who love audio logs, a different variety of weapons, and really, really easy people to kill, try this out.
[although 'really, really easy people to kill' means bad coded A.I.]

*shows beginning gameplay*

PLEASE, try Get a Life. I'm serious, it's called Get a Life. I find the health system a bit distracting from the action, but it's very minor. I love the level design, the slow-mo, and zombies. Or I should say, the infected. It's very action packed, and there were a lot of tense moments, from action, to horror.
[and them spiders. sdiufojsfjoiejf I CAN'T SLEEP BECAUSE OF THEM]

*le part 1*

If you're short on disc space, try the Logistique demo. It's only a demo, but it's a bit worth it. The mod has an unsettling atmosphere, since isolation seems to be the theme, and there was this one puzzle that required real thinking. Not push-the-box thinking, but lever and switch timing thinking.


Want something with no weapons, a few suspenseful moments, and puzzles? Try Flesh. I know, I know, the character walks like he's on jet-skis, doing the shuffle, constipated...all that jazz. The third person view is a bit of a let down, but it's a decent mod with nice effects too. There were a few moments where I jumped.
[the atmosphere is also well done too. creepy]


Are you in the mood to break some crates? Try Too Many Crates! It's absolutely humorous, and there's one thing wrong with this mod. There's too many crates! Even some special crates, but I'll leave the exploring to you.
[this is not a horror mod, but it's just HILARIOUS]


And I don't really recommend this mod, but if you like a strategy-and-fps zombie mod, try Zombie Master. The mod is almost dead, but needs some revival. It's multiplayer, so don't be surprised to see a child. I played this mod for the lols. My favorite maps are zm_tetris_new42, zm_deathrun_a1, zm_backwoods_b4, zm_diamondshoals, and others.
[multiplayer mod only]
*shows .dem dump*

Mods that I should tell Tom

It's your 5th or 6th playthrough playing Half Life 2. You're already seen G-man talk about his dsjfksdlfj. You've seen the citizens in the train. You've talked with Barney, and got the crowbar. You want to see all of this perfection in complete, utter madness. Try Half-Mind!
It's ridiculously funny. Although it's the demo.

But if you're installing, change the install directory if you're on a 64-bit system.

I have to say, this mod is nothing but MIND FUUUUU-
Korsakovia...a game based on Korsakoff Psychosis. The storyline is CPKill and I was trying to understand it like BLAAAARRRRGG
It's beautifully dialogical. The downside is the level design. But that didn't stop me! Bionic Bunion

*turn off the annotations if you want cause captions weren't implemented on youtube when this was made*

If you're still reading this, I applaud you. You evaded through the method of 'TL;DR" and came up to one of the most AWESOME mods I recommend....Research and Development.
The puzzles. Shocked
The use of NO WEAPONS BUT JUST THE GRAVITY GUN. (/notmentioningaspecialsomethingtoowinkwink) Shocked
The simplicity of "Oh, there it is!" Shocked
It's a puzzle mod, so you have to think a little.
But PLEASE! Try it. Please. You don't know how epic this mod is. It's been approved in greatness by all of Moddb's commentators and ratings. SRSLY.


Love to fight against the rebels? Love being the Combine? "
-No." Ok Tom, we know too.
-"FUCK YEAH" Well Tom, this mod is for you!
In Human Error, you fight against the resistance, the Xen, and some odd creatures I don't know about!
There are 2 AWESOME things I love in this mod. It's probably worth it, but if running and gunning isn't your style....


..so I guess this thread is already open. Whoops.

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Trollface McGee


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PostSubject: Re: A dump of Half Life 2 mods   Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:51 am

I already made a topic for this but you definitely put more effort into it then i did Razz
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A dump of Half Life 2 mods
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