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 Relationship With Video Games

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PostSubject: Relationship With Video Games   Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:26 am

Well, I thought that I will start off with mine.
It started off as just going to my sisters house (age 31, my mom was divorced) and my brother-in-law had a PS2. The only game that at the time I played was Midnight Club 2, since at the age of 5 thats all I could really understand. At the time that game was the only thing that I cared about when I went to her house. Then my sister had a kid. My neice would always wonder infront of the TV and unplug the cords. I would get sooooooo pissed. Then I would go to my friends house every Thursday night, for a church thing after we mess around. Now I was about age 7, and I could understand video games more and more. Soooo he had games for his PS1 like Twisted Metal, Rampage, Dukes of Hazard. Video games were starting to become insane. The thought that I could strap rockets and guns to cars, then drive them around blowing up stuff was AWESOME. Then now I was about 9, my friend has gotten a PS2, and the grandaddy of all PS2 games......BATTLE FRONT 2!!!!!!! Since I was still going to the chruch thing, we would sit on the couch in his room and play the living crap out of it. That same year, my sisters got a PS2 for christmas. I would always like to play the atv racing game that they have. One of my sisters would HATE whenever I play, since it would be her PS2. Then my mom bring a retard is like "Let him play, you not even using it and you other sister said that he could!!!" My sister would still not let me play the PS2. So my mom being a retard....decides its a perfect idea to buy me a PS3......I was like WOOT WOOT. Then my mom realized that you cant play PS3 games on a PS2.. No shit.... Then she decided to be a meanie and not get a PS3 but a PS2 for me, now my family has 2 PS2's for no reason, wtf. Of course I had to get Starwars Battlefront 2. Now a year later when I was about 10 I really wanted to get the xbox 360. So I didn't really earn it, i sold a crap ton is stuff that I had to get the $350 to buy one. I got one in June, alone with Halo 3. I became addicted, and for the next 4 years... thats all I did. And earlier this year I started to get a new love.... airsoft. That became my forever love and still is. It made me just say FU to my xbox, since I have a laptop and don't need a xbox. And made me sell all my crap for my xbox. I spent all the money on airsoft ~$500+. And now when I look back, I hate the living crap out of video games. Some may ask "If you hate video games, then why do you watch Tom?", my reply will be, he is too funny to not watch, and chat is too awesome to also leave that.

And that is my Relationship. It lasted a good almost 10 years of hardcore gaming. Now, I'm to casual. TF2, flash games, Plants vs Zombies. And other games that have that fun "Non-rage game" to them.
And the really only reason that I wrote something this long, is since I'm at a friends house it's 9 am, and I'm the only one awake. Anyways please comment and write your own story
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PostSubject: Re: Relationship With Video Games   Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:25 pm

First it was random PC gaming, mostly flash games and some random PC games I decided to buy when I was young. LEGO Alpha Team, Creator, Chess, Island. I will never forget Humongous Entertainment (Spy Fox, Putt Putt series, Freddi Fish, the rare collection CD with Fatty Bear and the first Putt Putt game, etc.).
Then it was the N64. Super Smash Bros with my brothers and friends, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Pokemon Snap, some Mario Party 1, 2, and 3, Pokemon Coliseum 1 and 2, and most importantly Majora's Mask (I was 5 at the time...)
Next, GBA. Super Mario Advance, and some other bad games which influenced my consumer-ing of gaming.
Eventually it was all Gamecube and DS with some games like Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart : Double Dash, The Wind Waker, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Sunshine, and the never forgotten Donkey Konga 1 and 2 (I still have the bongos!). And for the DS? Mario Kart DS, Warioware Touched (then I got Warioware Twisted afterwards) Animal Crossing Wild World, The Sims Urbz, Hotel Dusk : Room 215, Elite Beat Agents, and other games.
And today, aside from the Wii games like RE 4, Animal Crossing City Folk, Mario Kart Wii, SSBB, Warioware Smooth Moves, DDR HP 1 and 3, Excite Truck, Trauma Center : Second Opinion, and other fitness/party games, I've switched over to PC gaming since the third party companies revolving around Nintendo are currently having issues with the economy. Valve games like Portal 2, TF2 (not so much TF2 sadly), Half Life 2 and its episodes. Also, I've played alternative HL2 mods like Korsakovia, Flesh, Attempt to Survive, and some really cool mods like Research and Development, Nightmare House 2, Underhell, Get a Life, Human Error, 1187, and Blade Symphony. I'm saving a bit of money and pressure by playing these mods.

And I just realized that some things with Nintendo and it's third parties barely change. This also could apply to Sony's, or Microsoft's. Interesting if you've played videogames in the past that are still alive as of today.

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Relationship With Video Games
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