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January 2019

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 For Virtual Audio Cable Users

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PostSubject: For Virtual Audio Cable Users   Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:48 am

I noticed a lot of gamers, like myself, use VAC to cast stereo mix and microphone into a single output. I have found a much easier way to start/stop VAC with the click of an icon on your desktop. I didn't know VAC had command line switches until recently, but this works wonderfully and very conveniently. Here's what to do:

VAC Start

Open notepad, paste this code and save as "VAC Start.bat":
start /min "audiorepeater_ks" "%programfiles%\Virtual Audio Cable\audiorepeater_ks.exe" /Input: "Realtek HD Audio Mic input" /Output: "Virtual Cable 1" /BufferMs:100 /Autostart
start /min "audiorepeater_ks" "%programfiles%\Virtual Audio Cable\audiorepeater_ks.exe" /Input: "Realtek HD Audio Stereo input" /Output: "Virtual Cable 1" /BufferMs:100 /Autostart
This batch file will start two audio repeaters, set your inputs Stereo Mix and Microphone as Virtual Cable 1 output, then minimize to the task tray and auto start. If all goes well, you should have two repeaters looking like this:

Note: If you have different inputs than what I have above, you will have to change the /Input switch to work with your sound card inputs.

VAC Stop

Open notepad, paste this code and save as "VAC Stop.bat":
taskkill /im "audiorepeater_ks.exe"
This batch file will simply close both audio repeaters.

Please note, this tutorial was written for version 4.10 64-bit. Hope this helps make things a little easier for fellow JTV casters. If you have any questions, post them here, and I will try to help.
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For Virtual Audio Cable Users
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